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Preparing High School Students for College

The David Academy specializes in offering academic coaching and consulting services to prepare students to make the transition from high school to college. Our services are in place to help students excel and achieve their academic goals. Our college preparation services cover essential topics such as SAT/ACT prep, College Essay/Application Coaching and Financial Aid Coaching, but also we address intangible keys to success such as time management, study skills, and relationship to technology.

One-on-One Coaching

All-Virtual Model

Proven Results

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

The moments transitioning from high school to college can pass by in the blink of an eye. We are here for our students and families whenever they have a question or need guidance solving an emergency. When you become a client at The David Academy, you’ll have 24/7 access to our education professionals via phone call, text messaging, or email support. You’ll never be alone in these moments with The David Academy. Additionally, we’ll check in with weekly parental progress updates.

Individualized College Prep Coaching Services

ACT/SAT Test Prep

Our ACT/SAT test prep services are led by experienced teachers for both the verbal and math sections. Our coaches use a proven student-specific approach focused on success that has resulted in an average of more than 200 SAT points and 3 ACT points higher than the traditional classroom model in a third of the time.
For each student’s best results, our process starts with a “pick the right test” guide, where students will determine if ACT or SAT is the right test for them, followed by an initial diagnostic test to determine their baseline score to provide analysis of individual student strengths and weaknesses in addition to goal-setting. We chart each student’s progress through four additional diagnostic tests, assessing areas of improvement to maximize their performance.

With our ACT/SAT test prep, you’ll get…

College Admissions Coaching

Essay, Application, and Interview (if applicable) Coaching

Our coach guides and counsels juniors and seniors through a successful college admissions process, beginning with an analysis of their writing sample, followed by a review of the essay prompts released summer before senior year. Together, they will choose the prompt that best gives students the opportunity to “share their story” compellingly and effectively to differentiate themselves from students with similar backgrounds and achievements. Our coach will also help them through the revision and editing process, through the short answer questions to completion and submission, adhering to deadlines. If students are applying to a select college that requires a college interview, our coach can also assist with interview prep (if applicable). Every student who has used us for College Interview Prep has gained admissions to their top choice college (Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, and others)!

With our College Admission Coaching, you’ll get…

AP & Subject Tutoring

  • Private One-On-One subject tutoring via SKYPE, Zoom, or similar platform
  • Expert Coaches, Dr. Stan Perrine (Pre-Calculus, Calc, AP Calc AB/BC, Algebra 1 & 2) Diane Watts (AP Lang, Essay-Writing), Matilde Rodgers (AP Biology, AP Chemistry), Nicholas Hobbs (Geometry, Physics)
  • Coaching in Curriculum-Specific challenges, Study Skills, Goal-Setting, Time Management
  • Students 8th grade-College
  • Flexible length agreements beginning with 5 hours, moving to month-to-month afterward, with either 1 60 minute session or 2 30-minute weekly sessions (or a combination worked out between student and coach)
  • Recording of sessions for future reference available
  • Weekly Parental Feedback of Progress. Available 24/7 for questions, concerns, and follow-up.
  • $90/hour

College Financial Aid Coaching

Our coach works with families in 8th-12th grades to prepare them for all the aspects of paying for college. It’s never too early to begin the conversations about college affordability, scholarship and grant opportunities, and how to position your finances on your taxes to impact the kind of financial aid awards for which you may qualify. There are steps to take throughout high school to ensure you are in the best position when it comes time to fill out the FAFSA and begin the application processes.

Junior Year Options

  • Overview of Financial Aid
  • Review Student’s College Choices
    • Review with family and explore similar options
    • Collect and document college admission and financial aid deadlines
    • Conduct college net price calculators with the family to determine estimated financial aid packages based on current year income
  • Forecast Out-of-Pocket Costs
    • Collect FAFSA data and CSS data to determine what colleges might expect families to pay in the coming year
  • Financial Aid Strategy Session
  • Scholarship Search with Student

Senior Year Options

  • Overview of Financial Aid
  • Financial Aid Form Assistance
    • FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid
    • CSS Profile: Supplemental aid application for some selective colleges
    • Miscellaneous college aid forms
  • Confidential Family Financial Analysis
    • To identify barriers and opportunities for maximizing financial aid or improve strategy over time
  • Scholarship Search with Student
  • Financial Aid Award Analysis and Comparison
  • Assist in Financial Aid Appeals (if applicable)
  • Explore Gap-Funding Solutions
    • E.g., student and parent lending options, payment plans, etc.

Possible Homework Assignments

  • Paperwork and Information Collection
    • E.g., financial information gathering, such as tax forms and schedules, W-2s, bank statements, investments, property values, business income and assets, etc.
  • Completing College Net Price Calculators
  • FAFSA Completion
  • CSS Profile Completion
  • HS Guidance Counselor Visit
  • College Website Reviews
  • Plan College Visits
  • Schedule Faculty Visits
  • Schedule Auditions


The David Academy has a powerful system that equips any teen with the techniques and confidence to excel at taking the SAT or ACT. Once our daughter learned the system her scores jumped dramatically. I strongly recommend the David Academy to any parent.
Joe M.
Very pleased on all levels! There was a game plan set forth at the beginning that worked very well for my daughter. She was able to learn and understand how the SAT/ACT works and how to better prepare. I would highly recommend The David Academy!
Eric J.
Our family's experience with the The David Academy was excellent. Before we signed up Neal laid out the entire process in their unique one on one approach. We put a plan together to take the SAT in August and October. Weekly one on one sessions with Neal and Mr. Hobbs, structured practice test and immediate feedback worked really well for Nico. If you have a student you feel will benefit from one on one training for SAT or ACT look no further than the David Academy.
Tony K.
The David Academy was excellent to work with and my daughter gained invaluable information on test taking strategies and ways to help her succeed with the SAT.
Patrick D.
ACT prep was fantastic! A small investment in coaching paid off and then some through our son earning a scholarship. Thank you!
Leigh H.

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The transition from high school to college is an important step for families and students across the country. The David Academy is here to help prepare students for this next chapter of their lives. We are here to help you navigate this time and provide solutions to set your student up for success. Call The David Academy today or contact us on our website for a free 30-minute consult. Our passionate educators look forward to lending our insight during this time.