College Essay/Application/Interview Coaching

Our College Coaching Expert, Ms. Watts, guides students to admissions success by teaching them how to “tell their story” through the college application process (interview, resume and essay) and differentiate themselves.

  • Ms. Watts is a 15-year veteran of Fulton County Schools where she served as AP Lang teacher, Language Arts Dept. head and Curriculum Coordinator
  • Private One-On-One Coaching via SKYPE/Zoom with potential for in-person
  • Students 11-12th grades
  • College Interview Prep
  • College Application/Admissions Process Coaching
  • Help in evaluating college choices
  • 5-hour agreement to adequately prepare students
  • Weekly hour-long private sessions
  • Premium Service (24/7 access by email, text, phone)
  • Weekly Parental Feedback of Progress

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