The David Academy really delivers! Thank goodness that we hired the David Academy and my son got straight As in his 1st semester! The David Academy is the Mercedez-Benz of all educational services! If your child needs help in study strategy, SAT prep or college counseling, you need to check out the David Academy
A.S. in Alpharetta, GA

“Best in class'” is the only way to describe them in English. To truly reflect how exceptional they are would require explicatives!
Mother W in Palm Beach, FL

Because we live in New England, the lessons are by SKYPE which is very convenient. Our son really enjoys his lessons and has benefited greatly from Mr. David’s instruction. Mr. David is an excellent teacher in all respects and we highly recommend his services.
Bryce B. in Stowe, VT

What is most incredible about Mr. David’s teaching—he motivates. He does an excellent job of breaking down difficult concepts into understandable principles, but in the end his goal is that you are able to do that for yourself.
Ryan S. -University of Georgia

I was a low B, do enough work to slide by kind of student. So, the decision to join the David Academy was an “outlier” among the rather imprudent choices I made throughout high school. Because of the work and the positive encouragement I received, I noticed myself starting to take school more seriously, resulting in higher grades, and more personal satisfaction.
Because Neal David offered me non-judgmental, healthy pressure and expectations, my SAT scores increased by 370 points.
Austin H. -Royal Welsh Academy of Dramatic Arts

It is clear that Mr. David cares about his students. His goal in teaching is not only to get his students to do better in the classroom but also to help his students reach their full potential and push themselves to the limit.
Tony L. -University of Notre Dame

Mr. David is a fantastic teacher, he inspires and encourages his students, and without his influence I would not have been as motivated to pursue my interests and to pursue excellence in my studies. He takes an interest in his students and their development both in and out of the classroom. He has challenged me to think and to learn, and also taught me many life lessons about character and hard work.
Elizabeth P. -University of Georgia School of Law

To high school students: Mrs. Porter is a wonderful help during the stressful college application months. What I loved best about her was that she didn’t push me to change myself or to “game the system”; instead, she helped me present my own personality and achievements clearly and succinctly–and successfully. She was a joy to work with!
Alice L. -Princeton University

Over the 3 years I worked with him, Mr. David became equal parts mentor, coach, friend, and father figure. He pushed me to aim high and work hard, and, often, took me aside to remind me that I could be the best, that I am talented, that he believed in me and all that I could do. I was a timid, nervous wisp of a student in high school (I suspect many of us were), and it’s hard to imagine who I would be now, if not for the support that I found with The David Academy.
Peggy X. -University of Chicago

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