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* SAT/ACT Preparation
Over the years, Neal has taught SAT Prep in both a classroom model, as well as The David Academy individualized private model. In our experience, the classroom model does not deliver significant results in comparison to our tailored method. However, that model is quite popular because of it’s cost efficiency and the fact that, naturally, some instruction is better than none. However, if you want to get the most “bang for your buck”, your child will achieve far greater results and benefit more from a one-on-one specifically focused training. After all, in a classroom, how can a teacher effectively assess and address each student’s specific areas of strength and weakness?

We offer our personalized ACT/SAT tutoring in blocks of 20 hours, which has shown to be the minimum amount of time needed to beneficially prepare for the SAT/ACT. We begin with a diagnostic exam on a REAL practice ACT/SAT, or, if you have already taken the exam, we will use your existing score so we can properly assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses and begin a focused approach for your success. With this baseline score, we work with you to set some goals based on your academic plans, college choices and areas of study, so that we can guide your child on how to meet those goals.

We will have your child take an additional practice test halfway through the period to determine how much he/she has improved and in what areas they need to continue to focus. Please keep in mind that if you’ve taken a classroom model of SAT prep before, we employ a unique strategy and methodology so there may be an “un”learning curve that needs to take place, but if you will trust us and put The David Academy strategies in place, YOU WILL see the results. ​We meet with the majority of our clients via Skype, but can meet local Atlanta area students face-to-face for an additional cost.

* College Coaching
In high schools today, it’s not uncommon for guidance counselors to be responsible for 300+ students. How can those counselors be expected to give the individualized attention each of those students need to assess, plan, and accomplish their college acceptance goals?

Additionally, the field of college admissions has become increasingly selective and competitive, which is why The David Academy wishes to provide our students with every possible competitive advantage.
​College Admissions Interview Preparation:
Students will be able to have an individual meeting with Ms. Porter in which she will conduct a “mock” interview and then provide valuable personal feedback regarding the various aspects of a college admissions interview. ​
Resumé Assistance
Students will learn how to write a proper college entrance resumé.
Admissions Essay Assistance
Students will receive help in focusing their writing and polishing their admission essays.
General College Advising/Consulting
Students will be guided through how to choose the college/university that is right for them based on their educational and career goals. Ms. Porter will coach and assist them through the application process. ​

* AP Language/Essay-Writing
We have an AP Language specialist who will assess your writing and comprehension strengths and weaknesses and tailor a plan for your success in your AP Language course and the AP exam.

* Latin
Various Areas of Private Latin Tutoring:
Is your child struggling in his/her current Latin class?
Is your child enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program and needs guidance?
Is he/she hoping to achieve a perfect score on the National Latin Exam(NLE), Medusa Mythology Exam, SAT II Latin Specific Exam, or The AP Latin Exam?
Is your child interested in a deeper understanding of Latin and it’s related subject areas (mythology, language, grammar, history, culture, poetry, etc.)
Over the past 17 years, Neal has assisted local area students in all of the above areas. He will have an initial conversation with each student and parent and assess what the goals are for his/her achievement and write out a plan for how to get there.

*Academic/Life Coaching
We assess your study, time and life management skills and develop a personalized plan to help you achieve maximum effectiveness.

**Privacy disclaimer**
All our clients’ private information, such as scores, contact information, payment information, etc. is kept confidential unless we have express consent from the client to share that information.

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