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Neal David, Founder and CEO of The David Academy, began teaching high school Latin in 2000. After teaching and meeting with thousands of students and parents, he realized he wanted to provide additional services outside the classroom that would benefit and prepare his students beyond those 4 walls. In 2007, he began offering summer Latin camps to prepare his students for the National JCL Conventions every July. In these camps, he prepared students for Latin Grammar, Language, Mythology, History, Geography, Derivatives, Mottoes, etc. for the various national tests, as well as the Certamen (Latin Quiz Bowl) Championship. In 2010, The David Academy was born, capitalizing on the success of the summer camps (our students won numerous national awards and championships), we added SAT Verbal prep to the mix. Over the last few years, we have expanded our services to meet the growing needs we see.

We now offer Private Latin Instruction, National Latin Exam (NLE) Preparation, AP Latin Preparation, SAT 2 Subject Test for Latin Preparation, AP Language and Essay-Writing, SAT/ACT Verbal and Math Preparation, College Coaching, and General Educational/Life Coaching.

We offer only Private instruction in these areas so that we can properly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses for each student, observe their learning styles, determine their goals, and map out an educational plan of how to achieve those goals. This cannot be done adequately in a group or classroom setting. This personalized approach DELIVERS RESULTS!

What makes The David Academy different?


  1. We offer a Private Premium Concierge Service: We work one-on-one with our students to determine their goals and develop an individualized plan on how to achieve them. We are available to our students 24/7 via phone, text, or email for questions or concerns. We have a minimum 20-hour contract with each student with a specific curriculum, practice tests, as well as weekly feedback for the parents so everyone in on the same page about our progress. We “meet” with most of our students via Skype, which allows for greater flexibility and reduced preparation and travel time, thus freeing up your family schedule.
  2. We deliver results: The average SAT score increase for The David Academy students is over 200 points. Every student who has taken the SAT 2 Subject Test Latin has achieved a perfect score of 800. Our summer campers have earned scholarships based on their achievements at the National Latin Conventions, many of whom have one National 1st Place competitions. Our Latin students are achieving perfect scores on the NLE 10x the national average. Our College Coaching students are attending Ivy League and other elite colleges.
  3. We have a unique methodology: As much as we may dislike the notion of learning for the sake of test-taking, vs. learning for the sake of knowledge, it is a fact that the College Admissions process weighs test scores very heavily. Mr. David has honed his standardized test-taking skills methodology over years in the classroom as well as working with his private clients. It is not content-based like many of the classroom models, but is more strategy-based.
  4. We employ experts in their fields: We want to provide excellent service for our clients. The best way to do this is to have experts on our staff. Particularly in the areas of Latin, SAT Prep, AP Language/Essay-Writing, and College Coaching, we have dozens of years of classroom and life experience from which our students benefit. Not only are our staff members passionate about their subjects, but their students have enjoyed tremendous success over the years…again RESULTS!
  5. We are an Educational One-Stop-Shop: Did you know that the College Admissions process now begins as early as middle school? We help with everything from high school course selection and educational/social/community resume building, to private subject instruction, standardized test prep, and the all-important college selection, application, essay, and interview processes. We partner with companies who can assist with the next phase of college planning (i.e. now that our child has gained admissions to this elite school, how are we going to pay for it?).​

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